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Classrooms and Age Groups

INFANTS (6 weeks – 12 months)

At C2S our caregivers focus on primary care giving. We work to help the child build a sense of security and lay a foundation for the development of confidence and trust. Most importantly, we provide lots of love! We work closely with the parents to customize a daily routine that will fit the family's needs. Our staff is educated and trained in infant development and we provide a stimulating, safe and secure environment to encourage the infants to explore and trust their caregivers.

WODDLERS 1 (12 – 18 months)

In this age group we encourage the children to explore. Activities are child initiated. Our caregivers act as facilitators for the children and they give support and guidance. The activities offered for this age group are for manipulation and exploration. Materials in the rooms will be rotated often, as the interests of the children change. A stimulating environment is created to nurture curiosity and motivate each child.

WODDLERS 2 (18 – 24 months)

In this age group we build upon skills attained in Woddler 1, which enables us to encourage self-help skills. At this point, the children are able to begin expressing themselves verbally and we encourage this ability through new graduated skill sets.

TODDLERS (2 years – 2 years 6 months)

Short group activities are planned daily. Their attention spans are limited and we do not want to discourage them. We prefer to build upon their interest and share the joy of uncovering the pleasures of everyday life. Your child will be surrounded with meaningful language to enhance the learning value of each new experience. Your child will experiment with newly acquired abilities. They will discover that they can make things happen. This increased awareness occurs while the children are enjoying sand play, water play, toy riding, shape sorting, block building, kitchen play, dressing up, coloring, cutting, pasting, ball bouncing and many other activities.

PREK-I (2 years 6 months– 3 years)

At this age the children are beginning to develop special friendships. They will learn to interact with their peers rather than near their peers. Group activities are extended and academic introduction will begin to take place. Activities are modified according to each child's own individual creativity and self-expression. This age group will continue to enjoy many of the same activities mentioned earlier in toddler.

PREK-II (3 years – 4 years)

In this preschool classroom, children will build their new knowledge through past experiences and existing knowledge. Carefully structured learning environments, integrated learning centers, group play, and teacher-led activities take place throughout the day.

PREK-III (4 years – 5 years )

Kindergarten preparation is emphasized at this age level. Children will build a strong academic foundation through structured learning and carefully planned curriculum. Weekly themes provide fun activities. The teachers prepare lessons geared toward readiness skills and self expression.


The C2S Kindergarten is dedicated to developing creative, self-confident children who are fully prepared to enter a public or private 1st grade. The program that has been created is one which provides your child with the opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally and physically. The C2S Kindergarten program is designed to be an exciting readiness experience in which students have hands-on experiences to promote conceptual understanding, while learning to get along with others and thrive in a school environment.


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